A | Scen | Dance


Everybody has their own way. Their own way of acting, thinking and moving. A | Scen | Dance, meaning controlling influence, refers to the way you must create you own way of moving to make the costumes personal. This collection consist of different suits witch each react to your body. You can take control over shape and outline by moving around. Transitioning you movements make the suit come alive.

This collection is shown during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018.

Photo | Leroy Verbeet

Model | Julia Gandolfi

Shown During FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018

Dancer - Wies Berkhout
Performers -  Murad Bagirov
                        Neila Pina
                        Paul Junior Maah
                        Peti-Romee Mullink
                        Daniel Hahn
                        Emma Bogerd

Scenography - Studio Akatak and Scott Robin Jun
Choreography - Sessibon
Hair - Kevin Murphy
Make-up - Ellis Faas

Photo - Team Peter Stigter

Film - Wedovoodoo.tv
Camera -  Daniel van Hauten
                  Ben Graaf
                  Eauxby Muteb