A Vibrant Encounter


A Vibrant Encounter is a collection of sculptural costumes. The structures and constructions give each piece their own autonomy. The costume becomes an identity, every performer becomes a character and together they visualise a story. A story about the tension and interaction between these characters, written by Jante Wortel. 

‘Er groeit een paradijsvogel in mijn buik. Ik weet dat het onmogelijk is, maar ik voel de cadans, het zachte gezang, het ritmisch getik tegen de wanden van mijn lichaam.’ 

The show is a performance with a surreal ambience. A collision of sound, words, movements and colours. 

On show
1st of  November 2019 | FASHIONCLASH Festival Maastricht
24th of November 2019 | SuperServeert | International Theatre Amsterdam
23th of January 2020| Explore Identity | Kunstkapel Amsterdam

Photo | Pasarella Photography
Photo | Cinta Janssen