The Production Theatre


As a designer, I like to discuss social topics in a playful way. I search for unexpected ways to look at known subjects. My work generates questions about the changing meaning of craftsmanship. Nowadays, most part of the creation of products has been digitalized and automated. The human hand slowly disappears from this process and with that the improvising qualities of the creative mind. This has a great impact on the experimental elements of the design making process. People have their own way of creating, they don't have an explicit coded outcome, they're not completely predictable. They are able to feel the material and to act on that. There is a curiosity to unfold the unknown.

My work is an alternative look at production which creates a relationship between the human body and the material. This project stimulates a discussion about labor and the place of the making man In our current economy. In my view, people must celebrate their creativity and not be subjected to technology.

With this insight, I make machines that involve a production process that relates to the relationship between play and work. The user becomes a playing creator in which his body acts as a production engine. Through the spatial movements of the human body, the production process is performed differently every time, which results is a range of diverse outcomes. By using hands, arms and legs dynamics change. The improvisation and creativity of the maker has an impact on the output produced by the machine. The playful and surprising qualities of human beings are therefore a key aspect in my work. The user is invited to explore all the possibilities of the machines. The collection consists of three different machines. In each machine the human body is triggered to move in a different way. Because of this, the labor movements become a kind of repetitive dance.

The tactile and colorful outcomes of the machines symbolize the playfulness and joy that are experienced during the making process. I think we should celebrate the moment of creating and embrace the unexpected outcomes that are characteristic for the human hand.

This collection was nominated for

Designblok Diploma Selection 2017 | Prague | CZ

Make me! | Łódź Design Festival | Łódź | PL


Performance | Carlijn Veurink

Camera | Sander Hagelaar

Shaped by Perforation


A sewing machines has more qualities than you might think. Next to its usual occupations, it could also be used as a perforation machine. By following the lines on the paper a lot of different shapes can be made. Add a simple staple to the perforated paper and it can be folded into an endless variety of objects.