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Lake Hat +


This twotone hat is an extralarge version of the original Lake Hat. You can select two collors to create your own original hat!


Base color: This is the inner circle of the hat.

Ring color: This is the outer ring of the brim of the hat.


Handmade in Amsterdam 

Composition | 100% Recycled Cotton


Note: Because the twotone hats are custom made to your order, it is not possible to return these hats.

Note: Some color combinations are not possible. I made a selection which colors look nice togheter and which don’t.


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The Lake Hat

The Lake Hat is a large flat hat. You can fold the sides down to give it a nice curve. The shape of this hat in inspired by French lavender harvest hats. The hat has a band attached to it which you can tie both at the back of your neck or under your chin. 



Vol. 2 Rope 

For this second volume I started experimenting with creating shapes from rope. While using the zigzag stitch the hat is build up in a spiral movement. By changing the angle in which the rope is stitched together you can control the shape.  



100% Recycled Cotton 

The rope that is used for these hats are braided and made from 100% recycled cotton. The yarns are also OEKOTEX STANDAARD 100 certified. This means that the yarn does not contain harmful substances that endanger human health and the environment. 



Head circumference 

55-57 cm Small | Medium 

58-60 cm Medium | Large