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Lily Top


The Lily top has vertical pleats that unfold out of the collar.


Handmade in Amsterdam

Composition | 100% Tencel

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Vol.1 Folded   

This first volume we explored different ways of folding and how this can be applied in an interesting way around the shape of the body. The tops are hand pleated in our Amsterdam studio. The pleats are fixated at certain points and unfold in different ways which give a three-dimensional aspect to the garments. 



Tencel ®

Tencel is a revolutionary eco-friendly and economical fibre. It is spun from a renewable resource, pulp from eucalyptus wood. The main difference with other viscose yarns is that pulping happens in a closed loop system in which the solvents are re-used. This unique closed loop production process makes lyocell a eco-friendly and yet very modern fibre. In addition the dyeing process requires much less dyes than cotton.



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