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Tide Hat +


The Tide Hat +


This is the two-tone version of The Tide Hat. The Tide Hat can be worn in different ways. You can play around with the shape by folding the edges back. Having the edges straight will protect your whole face from the sun, having the edges folded back will protect your eyes from the sun. This hat comes with a removable band which you can tie under your chin. 


Choosing your own color

You pick your own unique color combination! The base color is the main color (the centre) of the hat. The ring color is the color of the edge of the hat.

NOTE: Since the hats are made to order, it is not possible to return this hat.


Handmade in Amsterdam 

Composition | 100% Recycled Cotton 

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Vol. 2 Rope 

For this second volume I started experimenting with creating shapes from rope. While using the zigzag stitch the hat is build up in a spiral movement. By changing the angle in which the rope is stitched together you can control the shape.  



100% Recycled Cotton 

The rope that is used for these hats are braided and made from 100% recycled cotton. The yarns are also OEKOTEX STANDAARD 100 certified. This means that the yarn does not contain harmful substances that endanger human health and the environment. 




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Black, Navy, Blue, Red, Light Grey, Natural


Blue, Red, Light Grey, Natural, Black, Navy