Our Values

I make fashion which is sustainable & fair. I'm very conscious about the design & production process. Here you can read about my values. 


I will launch the garments that are for sale in volumes. Each volume has their own design principle and way of construction. For instance, for Vol. 1 Folded I explored different ways of pleating and how this can be applied in an interesting way around the shape of the body. This is a much more sustainable approach to fashion because the pieces are not at all related to seasons.  Each volume has their own characteristics, but together they tell the same story about craftmanship and detail. This way each volume stays relevant in this library of shapes and constructions.


All garments are designed and hand made in my studio in Amsterdam. Crafted with great precision and a special eye for detail. I work with a 'made to order' principle. Which means the garments will be produced as soon as they are getting sold. This way I don't have a stock and don't over produce. This is in line with my sustainable approach. I'm also very conscious to minimalize the waste during the production process. 


All the materials are carefully sourced. I select my textiles by how sustainable they are. For vol. 1 Folded I used Tencel ®. Tencel is a revolutionary eco-friendly and economical fibre. It is spun from a renewable resource, pulp from eucalyptus wood. The main difference with other viscose yarns is that pulping happens in a closed loop system in which the solvents are re-used. This unique closed loop production process makes lyocell a eco-friendly and yet very modern fibre. In addition the dyeing process requires much less dyes than cotton. For vol. 2 Rope I used braided rope made from 100% recycled cotton. The yarns are also OEKOTEX STANDAARD 100 certified. This means that the yarn does not contain harmful substances that endanger human health and the environment.